X-BULL Winch Solenoid Relay Controller 500A DC Switch 4WD 9500LBS-17000LBS 4x4

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Winch 12V Solenoid Control 500A Contactor Twin Wireless Remote & Cover Suitable 9500lbs-17000lbs
Coil rated voltage :6-110V DC
Operating power :15W
Contact circuit voltage and loading current:80V DC Max 250V AC 500A
Mechanical life :100,000Ops
Electrical life :50,000Ops
Environment temperature :-40°C  -85°C
Frequency :10Hz-200Hz
Speed : 60-100 per min
Operation regulation :Continue
Installation direction :Random
500amp 12v Winch Solenoid
Sealed and corrosion resistant
Solid heavy duty construction
Wireless remote compatible
Solid heavy duty construction
Suitable 9500lbs-17000lbs - Series wound and permanent magnet