Pink Ceramic Saucepan Stockpot Set

  • Milk pans are of course used for warming milk but are also great for making sauces.
  • Because of its shape, this sauce pan is ideal for making sauces, heating liquids, cooking food in liquids and reheating.
  • Whether you're making custard to serve with an apple pie or a creamy garlic sauce for a pasta dish, they'll pour straight out of the pan with minimal mess.
  • Suitable for soup, can be used on induction cooker.
  • Smooth surface, no pores, not easy to adsorb bacteria, suitable for cooking, storing food, convenient cleaning solution.
  • Material: Ceramic with Wooden Handle
  • Color: Pink and Blue
  • Saucepan size: 18cm x 13cm x 14cm
  • Stockpot size: 18cm x 13cm x 21.5cm
  • Home Cooking
  • Commercial
Package Includes:
  • 1x Saucepan
  • 1x Stockpot
  • 1x Carton