HP DHE-6005 Wired RGB Gaming Surround Soundbar Stereo Speaker

$68.00 $84.95you save $16.95

Whether it is office work or entertainment, a good voice will make the mood happy, and the office efficiency will be higher. The game is simply hanging up;

Surging 3D sound effects, using dual speakers to set high-fidelity output intelligent frequency division technology, restore live listening;

Non-inductive touch control light effect and light effect switch can be adjusted instantaneously. Simple setting 360° surround sound immersion and enjoyment of sound experience;

Separate design, the vertical appearance is more exquisite, two different placements give you a different sound quality experience;

The dynamic colorful desktop is more cool and shocking, bringing the beautiful fit into the world of sound waves.

  • Angled design for wide spreading volume
  • 6watt high power speaker provides clear sound and quality
  • Adjustable Volume knob
  • LED Effects with touch mode
  • 3.5mm single plug connection