Gator DIY BT Wireless Car Tyre Pressure Monitor Monitoring System App Control TPM

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Avoid tyre blow out, improve fuel efficiency and prolong tyres lifespan with this Gator BT Wireless 4 Sensor Tyre Pressure Monitor Kit.
A great solution for monitoring your vehicle's tyre pressure on the go.
This system comes with built-in Bluetooth, simply pair your phone to the tyre pressure monitors via the free app and view real-time pressures.
Screw on a sensor to each tyre valve and plug in the receiver into the vehicle's 12v accessory socket and you'll be able to see the pressure in each tyre on your phone.
You can even set warnings for tyre leaking, high pressure and low pressure.
Like all common tyre pressure monitoring systems, sensors only transmit data when vehicle is in motion.
Suitable for use on cars, vans and utes, not recommended forTrucks, Caravans or Trailers. (Max pressure for sensors is 50psi)

4x Sensors supplied, just simply screw into existing tyre valve
Monitor via your smart phone using the dedicated app
Set alerts for pressure loss or high/low settings
Anti-theft design