8kg Kettlebell Weight

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Sculpt, tone and strengthen your body core with our Hacienda gym set range.

This Kettlebell Weight range runs at 8kg, 10kg, 12kg and 16kg and is colour coded with different coloured bands for easy and quick selection. The 8kg kettlebell is marked with pink bands, the 10kg kettlebell is marked with green bands, the 12kg kettlebell is marked with orange bands and the 16kg kettlebell is marked with yellow bands. Each kettlebell is also embossed with large visible markings for easy and clear weight identification.

Perfect for body toning, strength training and much more, this weighted dumbbell set is suitable for a home-based gym designed for full-body sculpting. Increase muscle mass, improve muscular endurance, increase bone density, decrease fracture-risk, improve cardiovascular health, work on physical therapy, and for the younger ones - romote growth and shape-up, and for the elder ones - increase body flexibility and muscle strength. With the wider grip area, these kettlebells can be used single-handed or double-handed.